Hip & Joint 100ml (without CBD)


HIP & JOINT was scientifically formulated to provide relief to struggling pets with stiff joints, arthritis, mobility issues & chronic pain. This advanced product is infused with powerful anti-inflammatory & pain relieving ingredients. Hip & Joint promotes a healthy, happy & pain-free lifestyle so you can continue to include your pet in the activities they love!

Hemp seed oil
High in omegas 3 + 6 to nourish troubled skin and for healthy coat

Flax seed oil
Reduces symptoms of eczema + improves hearth & brain health

Diatomaceous Earth
A natural internal parasite deterrent

Alleviates symptoms of arthritis by repairing damaged cartilage

Chondroitin Sulfate Sodium
Promotes water retention & elasticity in cartilage + lines joints with tissue

Helps to reduce inflammation & has excellent antimicrobial and antibacterial properties

MSM Powder
Helps reduce pain, inflammation, allergies & arthritis

Green Lipped Mussel Powder
Rich in glucosamine, zinc & magnesium all crucial for heathy joints

Fish oil
Reduces inflammation while nourishing the skin

Vitamin E
Absorbs free radicals in body & prevents oxidative damage to tissue


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PETtanicals Hip & Joint is formulated to cater to those pets having a hard time moving around.

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