Calm 100ml (with CBD)


CALM was scientifically formulated to provide relief to pets prone to distress. This soothing blend promotes a relaxed state without inducing drowsiness. Calm is intended for use on pets with anxieties, phobias, issues with travelling, aggression and stress to provide comfort in any stressful situation. Pettanicals calm will keep your pet feeling their best. When your furry friend feels better — So do you!

Hemp seed oil
High in omegas 3 + 6 to nourish troubled skin and for healthy coat

Provides a soothing effect with anti-inflammatory properties                                          

Valerian Root
Calms nerves and relaxes muscles in the digestive system

Lemon Balm
Supports healthy cognitive function and promotes a restful sleep

Vitamin E
Absorbs free radicals in body & prevents oxidative damage to tissue

Diatomaceous Earth
A natural internal parasite deterrent 

L- Theanine
An amino acid that lowers blood pressure & aids in relaxation without inducing drowsiness


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Help ease some of the stress and anxieties around every day events for your pet with PETtanicals Calm formula. Only available in the USA.

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