Pettanicals provides all natural hemp-derived CBD and non-CBD products for your pet! Our products use a unique formula that is safe for your dog, cat, or horse. Our products containing hemp-derived CBD will not get your pet “high”, however, you may notice an increased enthusiasm for life with regular usage.

How will CBD effect my Pet?


Your pet’s natural messenger cannabinoids are called anandamide and 2-AG. They stimulate receptors present in your pet’s brain (CB1 receptors) and throughout its body (CB2 receptors). The cannabinoids in hemp attach to those same receptors. However, they resist letting go of those receptors, so their effect is more powerful and longer lasting. Substances that hang on to receptors longer than the natural messengers are called an agonist. The chief agonist cannabinoids in cannabis or hemp is cannabidiol (aka CBD). When the effect of the cannabinoids wear off, it is because they were metabolized by the pet’s liver into compounds that left through the bile and urine or were stored in the pet’s body fat. Therefore, the possible benefits can be broad and cannabinoids can result in immediate benefit and support.

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